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Published February 13, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 15
Main Ingredient Other Preparation Time 10 mins

Gongura Pachadi

Recipe of Gongura Pachadi

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Musterd seeds  2 Teaspoons
Corriander seeds  1 Teaspoons
Cumin Seeds  2 Teaspoons
Salt  to taste To Taste
Red Chillies  5 Piece
green chilies  10 Piece
Fenugrek seeds  1 Teaspoons
Garlic  4 Clove
Turmeric  1/2 Teaspoons
Gongura  1 Bunch
Small boiling onions - - peeled  15 Piece
chopped onion  1/2 Cup
Curry Leaves  20 Leaf


Preparation: 1.Wash gongura leaves and boil them in a vessel (add little turmeric)till the leaves become soft. 2.Wash the green chilies and boil them in a vessel till the chilies become soft. 3.Fry fenugreek seeds,cumin seeds (half),coriander seeds separately.Grind them into a powder. 4.Add the Gongura leaves(cooled down), green chilies, salt(for taste),garlic(4 pieces) and grind them until it becomes a paste. 5.cut half onion into small peices(1/2 cup of choped onion). 6.On a frying pan, add 5 tea spoons of oil, add mustard seeds,cumin seeds,curry leaves, red chillies, spice powder and onion peices fry them till onion pieces turn transparent. 7.Add the above to the gongura paste and mix well. 8.Deep fry the boiling onions(small white onions) and add it to the gongura paste.... tastes very good....

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