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Author sri_ammu Servings 0 persons
Published February 07, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 10
Main Ingredient Fish Preparation Time 10 mins


Recipe of Fantastic Tilapia Fish fry

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
green chilli  1 Numbers
bread crums  1 Cup
coriander  1 bunch Springs
tomato  1 Numbers
onion  1 Numbers
egg  1 Large
garlic  10 Clove
ginger  1 finger length Slice
fish  6 Numbers
salt   To Taste

Make a fine paste of all the ingrediants ( ginger , garlic,egg ,onion,tomato,coriander ,green chilli ,salt) in a blender , soak the fish in this paste overnight and before frying it in oil make a thick layer of breadcrums , and deep ry it . It came out very delecious !!!!! Note : while taking the fish for frying just discard the paste , only take the fish and apply breadcrums over it , the paste that we used is just to give the flavour for the fish , the fish would have absorbed all the flavours while marinating , so discard the paste .
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