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Author archi.acharya Yield No Value
Published Jan 2, 2009 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Desserts/Sweets Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Ingredient Other Standing Time 1 hour
Description: No baking in the owen ,ready within 10 mins.


Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Hot Water 1 Cup
Cold Water 1 Cup
Gelatine Packets 2 Numbers
Sugar 1 Cup
Cottage Cheese16 Oz 1 Can
Pre Made Pie Crust Pan(medium Size) 1 Numbers
Kraft Cool Whip Cream 1 Can
Vanilla Essence 1 Tablespoons


take the can of cottage cheese ,sugar,vanilla essence,and put it in the blender and blend together, then take a bowl and add a cup of hot water and add the geletane packets and stir them then add a cup of cold water and stir them . then pour this dissolved gelatine in the blender.and blend alltogether to make a smooth consistancy. then pour it in the ready made pie crust pan .you can use a plain graham craker or chocolate which ever your family prefers. and refrigerate this for atleast 5 to 6 hours. when chilled completely just cut it in triangle pizza slice shape or which ever you lke. and serve with a dollop of cool whip cream.if you want to make your cool whip more sweet add little sugar. garnish with red cherries or sliced starwberries or just almonds slices. you can also garnish with curshed oreo cookies or chopped chocolate chunks or what ever toppings your kids love . or put these in small cups and let your little one decide what he wants.
Posted Jan 2, 2009

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Smita Jun 6, 2009
Firstly, thank you for all the awesome recipes you post here. There's no other place we can get all these cool recipes with such detailed technical info. I recently read that gelatin is made from animal bones and so, it would be great if we can replace it in the recipe with either fruit pectin or Ener-G(egg substitute) found at Whole Foods.

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