chinna vankaya masala
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Author priya2mahi Yield No Value
Published Apr 14, 2009 Cooking Time 20 Minutes
Recipe Type Veg-Main Preparation Time 15 Minutes
Ingredient Brinjals Standing Time 20 Minutes

Recipe of chinna vankaya masala

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Oil For Frying Cup
Red Chillies For Tempering
Curry Leaves For Tempering
Onion 1 to 2 Small
Tomatoe 1 to 2 Small
Turmeric Powder little
Fresh Garlic Pods, big 5 to 6 Numbers
Dry Coconut Powder 2to 3 spoons Small
Coriander Powder 2small spoons Small
Peanuts cup Small
Coriander Leaves Small
Tamarind Juice How Much We Need
6 To 8number Brinjal Small One
Sesme Seeds 1 spoon


Grind coconut powder, garlic, coriander powder,sesmee seeds, chilli powder, sail ,turmeric, peanuts into very smooth paste and keep aside . And then cut tomataoe into slices and then onion, and bringal into four parts without breaking. then add the oil how much we need but for this curry we need a little bit more oil. Then stuff the grinded masala into the bringal and keep aside. then add tempering with curry leaves and red chilli after frying add the onions and then tomatoes and fry until it became smooth add then stuffed bingjal and fry for 5 minutes without adding water inbetween you turn all the side and then add remaning masala and little bit water how much we need the water and cook until brinjal becomes smooth last remove the lid and add tamarind juice and cook for 3 minutes and see the salt and you add how much we need ,at last you add coriander leaves for garnishing.This is good for masala rice ,plain rice ecpesially for chapathi and roti or with poori. For everthing this will be very good for all the rice items.

Recipe Tips

tamarind juice should be added last and cooked for 5 minutes
Posted Apr 14, 2009

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priya Apr 21, 2010
Spicy and tasty!!!

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