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Published February 04, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 30
Main Ingredient Chicken Preparation Time 20 mins

This is a spicy south indian dish that has all capabilities for luring everyone who gets to taste this wonderful Dish

Recipe of Chettinad Chicken Curry

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
cummin seeds  1 Teaspoons
corriander seeds  2.5 Tablespoons
Javidhri  1 petal Numbers
staranise  2 petals Numbers
cloves  5 Numbers
cardamon  1 Numbers
Cinnamon stick  1 Numbers
green chillies  3 Numbers
curry leaves  20 Numbers
bay leaves  2 Numbers
tomatoes  3 Numbers
Onion  1 Numbers
garlic  3 cloves Clove
ginger  1 1/2 inch Piece
sombhu  1.5 Teaspoons
vendhayam  0.25 Teaspoons
black pepper  1 Teaspoons
poppy seeds  3 Tablespoons
pottu kadalai  2 Teaspoons
cocunut  2 Tablespoons
red chillies  6
Chicken Thighs  2 Lbs

For Grinding the below mentioned are the Masala needed: *************************************************************** 1 inch of cinnamon 1 cardamom 5 cloves 2 petals of star anise 1 petal of Javidhri / mace 2 1/2 tbsp of Corriander seeds 1 1/2 teaspoon of cummin seeds 1 1/2 teaspoon of sombhu / fennel seeds 1/4 teaspoon of vendhayam / fenugreek 1 teaspoon of black pepper 3 tbsp of poppy seeds / kasakasa 2 teaspoons of pottu kadalai / roasted gram dhal 2 tbsp of coconut 10 curry leaves 6 red chillies Chicken Marination: Cut chicken into small pieces, 1 tbsp curd, 5 drops of lemon ********************* juice, little turmeric powder, curry leaves, little red chilli powder, little salt GMP : Add oil in a pan and fry the above ingredients till you can smell the aroma. Then grind the fried ingredients (GMP - Grounded Masala Powder) GGO Paste : Ginger, Garlic, 1/4 onion 1 green chilli - these needs to be pasted finely. (GGO - Ginger, Garlic, Onion) Procedure: ************ Step 1: Add oil to the pan. Add bay leaves, chopped onions, green chillies, curry leaves Step 2: Add the GGO Paste and fry till the raw smell of ginger and garlic leaves (for about 10 mints) Step 3: Add turmeric powder, tomatoes and GMP with NO WATER and cook till it leaves oil by the sides of the pan Step 4: Add the marinated chicken cook for around 10 mints and add chopped coriander leaves. This dish can be enjoyed with rice, rotis, dosa, idli or any main course.
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