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Published November 04, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 20
Main Ingredient Flour Preparation Time 10 mins


Recipe of Chakralu ...(Janthikalu)

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
red mirchi powder  1-2 To Taste
salt   To Taste
Jeera  1-2 Tablespoons
Gram flour(Besan)  1 Cup
Rice flour  2 Cup
Butter  1 Stricks
oil   To Fry

1..Seive the flours together.. 2..Add salt ,jeera(or u can use vaamu)and red mirchi powder to the flour and mix well.. 3..melt the butter and add to the mixture.. 4..boil the water and pour it into the mixture and knead well.. 5..the dough should be soft.. 6..take the chakali maker and stuff the mixture into it .. 7..heat the oil in a pan.. with help of chakali maker press the dough into rounds directly on the the oil or grease a plate and press the dough into required shapes and drop them into the oil... 9..fry them until golden brown and remove them... 10..chakkali(janthikalu) are ready to eat..
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