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Published November 12, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 60
Main Ingredient Dall Preparation Time 15 mins

Bisi bele bath is a dish from Karnataka that my mom used to make for me. but she always made the pakki version below is the kacchi version in Vah chef terms

Recipe of BisiBeleBath

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
fenugreek seeds  8 Numbers
turmeric  1 Pinch
salt  1 To Taste
oil  1 To Fry
ghee  1 Tablespoons
poppy seeds  1 Teaspoons
coriander seeds  2 Tablespoons
channa dal  1 Tablespoons
urad dal  1 Tablespoons
hing  2 Pinch
curry leaves  6 Numbers
nutmeg  2 Pinch
red chilli  6 Numbers
cloves  3 Numbers
Cinnamon  1 Stricks
toor Dal  1 Cup
Rice  1 Cup
mustard seeds  1 Teaspoons
coconut powder  1 Teaspoons
tamarind pulp  2 Tablespoons
water  5 Cup

Dry fry these ingredients red chillies, channa dal, coriander seeds, urad dal, methi seeds, cinnamon, clove, poppy seeds and in the end add coconut powder and nutmeg and remove from heat. Grind all ingredients to a fine paste In a deep thich bottom vessel add oil, mustard seeds, turmeric and add veggies (potato, carrot, green beans, little green pepper and green peas or whatever you like) and add toor dal and 2 cups of water and let it cook. once the dal is half cooked add rice and tamarind pulp, ground paste and salt to taste and add remaining 3 cups water and cook on a low flame until all mixture comes together with a nice consistency.(stop when the mixture is little watery as bisi bele bath will thicken up after time) now in a small vessel just heat up the ghee and add some hing and nutmeg and curry leaves an pour on bisi bele bathand mix it delicately and let it stand for 10 minutes. Now the bath is ready just have it with papad or potato chips
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