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famous Hyderabadi dish

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Published November 27, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
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famous Hyderabadi dish

Recipe of Bagara Baingan

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
mustard seeds  1 Teaspoons
Water  3 Cup
Oil  2 Tablespoons
Ginger and garlic paste  1/2 Teaspoons
Tamarind juice  50 ml
Onion  1 Numbers
cinnamon small  1 Stricks
cumin seeds  1 Teaspoons
Green chilli  1 Numbers
Cloves  3 Numbers
Elaichi  3 Numbers
Dry coconut powder  2 Tablespoons
cumin pdr  1 Tablespoons
coriander pdr  1 Tablespoons
sesame seeds  3 Tablespoons
Groundnuts  1 Cup
brinjals  8 Numbers

1.First dry frywhole garam masala,mustard and cumin seedswhen they start to splatter add onions turmeric,gamp;g paste.
2.add masalas and add the paste of roasted ground nut ,seasame seeds and coconut pdr cook for 15 min add tamrind ,and jaggery and cook till oil ozzes out
3.In the mean time cut the vankaya as four parts but dont cut at the end
4.Immediately put them in the oil, fry slowly stirring occassionally till they are fully softened. and add to the cooking gravy
5.This is very good with rice, pulaos, and chapatis. and a must with biryanis
have fun cooking with vahrehvah recipe contributed by supriya and modified by vah chef
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