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Author Vahchef Servings 0 persons
Published July 04, 2009 Cooking Time (mins) 30
Main Ingredient Fish Preparation Time 15 mins

This Fish curry is from Andhra cusine served with steaming hot rice. This is my grandmas recipe

Recipe of Andhra Fish Curry

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Red Chilli powder  3 Tablespoons
Green Chillies  4 Numbers
Oil  1/2 Cup
Coriander leaves  1 Bunch
water  3 Cup
Tamarind Juice  2 Cup
Curry leaves  15 Numbers
Big red onions  2 Numbers
Ginger garlic paste  1 Cup
Cat Fish  4 Pound
Turmeric  1 Teaspoons
Salt  0 To Taste
Dhania Powder  1 Tablespoons

Preparation: Marinate the fish with a little salt and turmeric and keep it aside. Dont add too much salt to the fish. Recipe Directions: Medium Chop the onions and put them into a heavy bottom dish (Preferable Aluminum or copper bottom). Soak the tamarind for atleast 1 hour in warm water and extract the juice and pour it in the dish with onions. Add the Ginger garlic paste, chilli powder, salt, turmeric ,dhania powder, water, coarsely chopped coriander leaves, curry leaves and mix it up. Taste for salt and chilli powder. The spice can be adjusted according to taste. Once the spice is perfect pour the oil on top of this mixture. (Oil can be decreased or increased) Generally in Fish curry a little extra oil adds more flavour Fish curry is preferred spicy and its more yummy when it is spicy. Once all the above mixture is ready according to the taste buds bring it to a boil on high flame and decrease the flame for it cook the onions and the masala together for about 15 minutes watching and stirring it carefully. Take care not to have all the water evaporated. If the water is less then add a little bit more water and wait for the gravy to come together. Taste the gravy and if it is cooked about 90% add the marinated fish and green chillies . The fish takes approximately 8 minutes to cook. Watch the curry carefully after putting the fish in as the fish tends to over cook and will fall apart. Do not stir the curry too much once the fish is in. Take one piece after 8 minutes and test it with a fork. If fish is uncooked leave it in for another 4 minutes. Once the fish is cooked turn of the flame and garnish it well with Coriander leaves. Serve with steaming hot rice. I usually stand the curry for atleast an hour before serving. This curry tastes even better the next day of cooking.
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