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Rich chicken pulao

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Published July 15, 2009 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Chicken Preparation Time mins

Rich chicken pulao

Recipe of Andhra Chicken Pulao

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
fried cashewnuts  10 Piece
coriander leaves  1 small Bunch
poppy seeds  1/8 Cup
coriander seeds  1/4 Cup
salt  1 Tablespoons
turmeric  1/2 Teaspoons
chilli powder  1 Teaspoons
green chillies  4 Numbers
ginger garlic paste  1 Tablespoons
cinnamon  8 small Piece
cloves  8 Piece
cardamom  8 Piece
curry leaves  1 fistfull
Mint leaves  1 Bunch
lime juice  3 - 4 limes Numbers
yoghurt  100 Grams
ghee & oil  100 Grams
onion sliced  1 Numbers
Fresh coconut  1/2 Cup
Chicken Big pieces  500 Grams

  1. Pulao masala: Broil Cinnamon and Cloves, add Corriander seeds and broil till they are hot and remove from flame. Broil Kuskasa and keep aside. Powder them separately. Mix them well and when cold store it for use with chicken curry, palav, aalu curry etc. Slice half of fresh coconut to thin pieces.
  2. Add water and grind to smooth paste. Add 4 table spoons masala powder and grind to smooth paste. Wash chicken and drain water. Marinate it with Chilli powder, one tea spoon salt, one strand of curry leaves, one table spoon of sliced onion and curd. Method: Boil masala paste and water together ( one rice : two water). Take Masala water without sediments.
  3. To a hot cooker add Ghee and Oil and when heated add cloves and cinnamon. Add onion slices and curry leaves fry till transparent.Add masala water without sediments. Add turmeric, salt, green chillies sliced. After boiling add washed and drained rice. Mix and cover. When it boils and cooks a little add marinated chicken mix and cover and cook. When the rice is cooked but has a bit of water ( before completely cooked) add two tablespoons ghee, chopped corriander leaves(cillantro), powdered cardomom, fried cashew nuts, mix well and cover and cook inlow flame.
  4. Keep shifting the position of cooker so that the flame is on different parts to avoid burning the rice( for 10 mts). Open cooker see if cooked completely, if not cook for some more time in low flame.
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